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Contemporary Outdoor Benches

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Benches are pieces of outdoor furniture that can be used for many purposes. They are little gateways to relaxation, social connection, and contemplation. Beyond their simple form, benches offer a myriad of benefits that enrich urban landscapes and private retreats alike, from providing tired pedestrians a break on a busy street to fostering thriving communities by making it easier for people to gather in public spaces. Benches are vital in shaping how we interact with and experience outdoor spaces. Many spaces would be improved and enriched by having a bench installed. They’re not just park fixtures but go way beyond. This is why we have a large section of products covering all needs and settings.

Contemporary Style for All Environments

Our collection of contemporary outdoor benches, where form meets function in perfect harmony. Designed for those who appreciate modern aesthetics combined with durable materials, our range offers a seamless blend of timber, steel, stainless steel, and ferrocast constructions.

Each bench in our selection is crafted to elevate any outdoor space, whether a serene garden retreat, a chic urban patio, or a bustling public park. Our timber benches have natural charm and warmth, which is combined with metal for a more modern appeal that effortlessly integrates with the surrounding environment. Our Campus Bench is an excellent example of contemporary form and classic wood blend, made of steel and larch wood. We have picnic bench and table combinations that also carry that contemporary spirit, like the Manchester Picnic Bench with its quirky steel frame and tough larch wood slats. Ideal for an office with a green space, campuses and parks alike.

For those seeking a sleek and minimalist look, our steel and stainless steel benches offer a contemporary edge that complements modern architectural styles. Built to withstand the elements, these benches are as robust as they are stylish, ensuring years of reliable use in any outdoor setting. Our Hopetown Stainless Steel seat is the perfect example of clean lines and classic design but made from strong, shiny stainless steel, giving off a gentle industrial and modern look. Meanwhile, our Urban Steel Bench, made of high-quality steel and powder-coated in a yellow or another colour of your choice, is an ideal simple solution for parks, playgrounds and gardens. Another beautiful and simple design is our Parkway Ferrocast and Timber bench, which combines the aesthetic appeal of traditional cast iron with the lightweight durability of modern materials.

Whether creating a tranquil sanctuary in your backyard or outfitting a public space with stylish seating solutions, our collection of contemporary outdoor benches promises to elevate your outdoor experience with style, durability, and functionality. Explore our range and discover the perfect bench to enhance your outdoor space.

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