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Estd. 2008
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About Us

A Shelter Store Bollards

Shelter Store excels in crafting a variety of street furniture, especially shelters, from our factory in London. We provide a broad spectrum of solutions, showcased on our website, including bus shelters, smoking shelters, and bollards. Our manufacturing service is adaptable, offering unique and bespoke solutions to meet individual client needs.

We uphold our repeated customer satisfaction and success through core values: delivering high-quality solutions with rigorous quality checks, ensuring reliable delivery times, providing rapid and comprehensive customer service, and offering great value for money.

Sustainable, UK Based Manufacturing

Sustainability is at the core of our manufacturing process. We are pioneers in using recycled steel for shelter products, underscoring our commitment to the environment. Our products are designed to be high-quality, low-maintenance, and offer great value, ensuring satisfaction in every aspect of shelter construction.

Estd. 2008

We have been in the business of street furniture for over 15 years, and our experience is reflected in the quality of our products and services. Our team is dedicated to providing the best shelters, ensuring that our products are not just practical but also always on trend.

Our Use Cases

Discover how our products fit your needs: see the practical applications of our solutions across various industries. Whether it’s for end-of-trip facilities, waiting areas, or other specific uses, find out how our products can meet your requirements efficiently.

We're a 5 ★ Manufacturer!

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