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Planters are the perfect solution to improving the look of your premises by adding landscaping and colour to empty areas. Beyond their functional aspect, they serve as artistic elements, breathing life into concrete jungles.

Shelter Store street planters come in various styles and materials, including steel, combined steel and timber, concrete, and more. Whether you want to enhance security with our Anti-Ram Street Planters or infuse natural elegance with our Premium Timber options, each piece is a testament to the craftsmanship and thoughtful design. With a range of sizes, finishes, and bespoke options, we empower architects, developers, and urban enthusiasts to transform spaces into thriving, harmonious environments.

Planters for Every Urban Space

Outdoor spaces are essential parts of the landscape of any city. They are a continuation of the built environment and need to be treated with as much care and precision when choosing street furniture. We understand this and offer a collection of planters designed to blend style, security, and functionality seamlessly. Our planters are made from durable materials to meet architects, developers, and discerning customers' unique needs.

We offer several different types of planters. Some, like our Steel Street Planter, have a more standard and neutral design. Crafted from 2mm galvanised mild steel, this planter is a quality choice that guarantees durability, robustness and minimal maintenance. The Steel Street Planter has a clean frame and a sleek urban aesthetic. You can choose from an array of sizes, including compact 300 x 300 x 300mm options to substantial 1500 x 850 x 600mm configurations. Additionally, you can select between galvanised or powder-coated finishes.

We have planters that serve dual purpose and can be used as unobtrusive security features. Our Anti-Ram Street Planter is built to prevent ram raids and terrorist threats and protect high-value targets like banks, ATMs, jewellers, and corporate headquarters. The Anti-Ram Street Planter also has rust and vandal-resistant finishes available in a spectrum of RAL colours. We have also ensured that there is no delivery hassle and the furniture is built on-site by pouring concrete into a steel frame, providing a solid internal core.

Our selection of tree and flower planters includes several timber slat designs. They offer timeless aesthetic appeal and reliable durability. Made from weather-resistant Iroko hardwood, our Premium Timber Street Planter can effortlessly withstand the elements. The solid construction, featuring vertical corner posts and horizontal slats, ensures longevity and sturdiness. Whether in parks, city streets, or business complexes, these planters add a touch of natural elegance. The Premium Timber Street Planter is offered in several sizes, and we provide the option for bespoke personalisation with machine-carved inscriptions or plaques in lacquered brass or stainless steel for a truly unique touch.

Our Urban Timber Street Planter is another of our timber series. It seamlessly marries hardwood slats with a steel frame, creating a modern yet functional piece. The planter can have powder-coated or galvanised finishes for added personalisation and durability. Meanwhile, the Iroko hardwood side slats, treated with an oil finish, exude natural beauty, while the galvanised steel internal liner ensures longevity. Fixing holes in the base offers easy installation, anchoring this planter securely to the floor.

One of our trendy designs is the Matchbox Street Planter. It is a beautiful blend of hardwood and steel designed to serve a dual purpose – it has space for greenery and a large bench. Designed with a modern look, these planters seamlessly integrate into urban environments, adding functionality and aesthetics.

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