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Keep your loved car protected with our stylish flat roof RSC Car Shelters which offers full length shade and protection. The rear post canopy design makes parking and exiting hassle free and simple. An ideal solution for domestic or commercial applications such as car dealerships or private car parks.

The hear protection polycarbonate we use as standard will maintain the car temperature to under 20 degrees, meaning no more uncomfortable car temperatures. Also in the winter, the shelter offers temperate drop protection reducing the effects of frosting and need to de-ice your car.

Car Shelter Specification:
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Heat/UV Protected Polycarbonate Roof
    • Choice of clear or colour smoked
    • 250 times stronger than glass (survives all weather conditions)
  • Integrated drainage system
  • Cushion lined posts for car protection
  • Snow load to 600N/M2 (20cms Snow) as standard
  • Wind Speed protection up to 34m/s Vex as standard
  • Add a side panel to offer privacy from neighbours

The RSC Car Shelter series is available in various sizes to shelter a single or multiple cars. Below are our standard sizes but these can also be made any size to fit your needs.
Standard Single Car sizes:

  • 4954mm long x 2439mm wide
  • 4954mm long x 2773mmm wide
  • 5756mm long x 2439mm wide
  • 5756mm long x 2773mmm wide

Standard Double Car sizes:

  • 4954mm long x 4779mm wide
  • 4954mm long x 5389mmm wide
  • 5756mm long x 4779mm wide
  • 5756mm long x 5389mmm wide

Standard Tripe Car Size:

  • 4954mm long x 5979mm wide
  • 5756mm long x 5979mmm wide
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