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Bollards are a type of traffic barrier you can remove when unnecessary. These bollards are commonly used in areas that require temporary access, such as pedestrian zones or event spaces. They can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

Removable bollards can be made from various materials, including steel, stainless steel, iron and recycled plastic. For example, our Augusta Removable Bollard model is a beautiful example of a sturdy and stylish iron bollard that would look great on any street.

Our bollards come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate any need and style. We offer more conservative-looking removable bollards like the Removable Traditional Bollards, slightly more unusually shaped ones like our Sloped Removable Bollard, and modern-looking stainless steel bollards like the Removable Mitre Top Bollard.

Our assortment also includes a reflective band option – the Flexible Removable Reflector Bollard.

Benefits of installing removable bollards

Flexible Access Control

Removable bollards provide a flexible way to control access to specific areas with changing needs and versatile uses. A busy street can become a pedestrian space overnight. Removable bollards can be easily detached from their sleeves, taken out when access is needed, and put back in place when access is no longer required. As a traffic management tool, bollards like this Removable Parking Post can further be used to control parking spaces. Removable bollards are also very useful when an area needs to have the potential for emergency vehicle access.


Bollards are often installed to serve more than one purpose. They can be used for demarcation as a visual guide for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. They can mark the beginnings and ends of designated areas. However, bollards' other essential purpose is to provide security for people and property. They are a barrier between vehicles and pedestrians and discourage criminals from attempting ram raids or other attacks. Removable bollards do this job, just like fixed ones. Still, they have the added benefit of being placed in the ground only when needed and easily removed when you no longer require extra security or traffic management.

Cost-Effective Solution

Removable bollards can be a cost-effective solution for controlling access to areas that only require it temporarily. Once installed, they can be put in and out of the ground quickly and without any further work needing to be done. An excellent example of cost-effectiveness is our DDA100 Compliant Removable Bollard which we recommend for busy places such as retail parks. These bollards are practical and functional, and if their sleeves get damaged, you can easily replace them without the associated ground works.


Removable bollards can be designed to complement the surrounding environment. We offer many models to match the specific architecture and landscape and blend in when erected. This can be especially important in tourist areas and heritage sites. Our Removable Elephant Coventry Style Bollard is an example of a classic style bollard which compliments a particular architectural style.

One of our other models, favourite amongst architects and planners, is the Removable Semi-Domed Top Stainless Steel Bollard. It is an excellent option for anywhere but is preferred for new buildings and car parks because of its sleek, minimalist and weather-resistant design.

If you want to discuss removable bollards, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always happy to advise our clients on the best solution.