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Similar in design to our other hinged lockable parking posts but lays in a ground socket when in the down position. This allows the unit to lay flat with the ground, when the post is down the lid covers the post reducing obstruction to vehicles and pedestrians.

  • Lockable in the up and down position
  • Internally spring assisted
  • Made of mild steel tube or stainless steel tube
  • Base plate of cast SG iron, box of mild steel plate
  • Weather cap of black polypropylene
  • Overall box dimensions 220x860x95mm
  • Also available in stainless steel finish (grade 304).
  • 2 bolts are required to bolt down posts.
  • 2 keys are included.
  • Locks are non-ferrous & rust free.
  • Operational lift up weight for Hinged posts is 4kgs.
  • Height – 660mm
  • Diameter – 64mm
  • Wall thickness – 3.2mm (2mm stainless steel)
  • Weight – 18kg
Delivery time
  • Typically 5-10 working days
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