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Speed ramps are a highly effective means of controlling traffic speeds, the modular system is formed from black and bright yellow segments made from heavy duty recycled PVC or Rubber. Each segment includes white reflectors which provide excellent night and bad weather visibility.
Both ends and inners are available in black and yellow, and all segments are sold separately to accomodate any road width.

  • Set price per metre

  • Instant cable protection for contracts work & outside events
  • Speed ramps provide a highly effective method for controlling vehicles where excessive speed could pose a danger.
  • The smoothly curved profile dictates a 10 m.p.h. control speed, yet avoids the possibility of damage to low slung vehicles.
  • Any length of ramp can be formed by simply adding together the tough 500 mm wide yellow and black sections.
  • Safe and effective speed control
  • Easy to install and relocate Durable rubber moulded sections
  • High visibility yellow and black ramps
  • Tapered ends neatly complete a run
  • 10 m.p.h. control rating
  • Cats' eyes for night time safety

Warning signs should be used to alert road users they are in use.

Delivery time
  • 5-10 working days
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