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A perfect solution for highways and non-highway applications, the Night Owl is a new, low-energy absorption, highway sign providing an attractive, logical evolution in the iconic design of Keep Left Bollards.

The system comprises of two components, a universal 'Bounce-back' base unit designed to self right the sign after impact and the Night Owl sign and graphics (conspicuity panels) designed to provide high visibility and durability in areas without street lighting.

The reflex material of the base combined with the rigid polyethylene of the sign ensures that the bollard will withstand multiple impacts and return to upright without damage to the reflective surfaces, the sign or the base; thereby saving on expensive replacement costs. The reflectors are also recessed to further reduce potential damage with vehicle impacts.



  • Unique ‘dome’ shaped base gives reliable bounce back performance irrespective of the type of impact (side scrape, side swipe or front on)
  • Base made from tough ‘reflex’ material capable of withstanding impacts up to 70km/h to return the sign to an upright position ensuring the hazard remains clearly marked
  • Moulded-in screw thread on the top of the base means that no mechanical components are used on the sign
  • Strong rigid construction of the sign withstands damage from the ‘trampling’ action of wheels running over the top of the sign
  • The Night Owl can be easily removed and replaced in under a minute reducing danger to Highway Contractors and inconvenience to road users
  • Fluorescent, retroreflective material used as standard for high visibility
  • Recyclable material used throughout; suitable for environmental re-use
  • Can be root fixed or surface mounted


  • Sign colour - A wide range of colours are available
  • Base colour - Black
  • Overall height:  1037mm
  • Max. bollard width:  395mm
  • Max. bollard depth:  110mm
  • Bounce-Back Base dimensions: 320 x 320mm
  • Fixing centres:  228 x 228mm
  • Signface Diameter:  300mm
  • Front/rear reflector visible area:  0.16m² (BS 8442 requires 0.15m² min)
  • Side reflector area:  0.045m² (BS 8442 requires a minimum of 0.02)
  • Weight: Sign 4.4kg (including base is 6.5kg)
  • Lower edge of Conspicuity Panel is 191mm above ground level (BS 8442 requires 100mm > 200
Signage options
  • The Night Owl can be fitted with single or double-sided signs
  • Legal sign options for Highway use include; ref. 610 keep left, ref. 610 keep right and ref. 611 dual arrows
  • Other sign suggestions for non highway use are available
  • Please see product images for examples
  • Passed - The Night Owl conforms to BS 8442:2006 (14) for Retro Reflective Self Righting Bollards
  • Passed - The Night Owl conforms to BS 12767 Passive Safety of Non Harmful Structures (70,NE,4)
  • Passed - The Night Owl conforms to BS EN 12899-2:2006 5.6.4 Torsion Test
  • The Night Owl bollard is approved for use by the DfT but each Local Authority wishing to use the Night Owl will need to apply for authorisation from the DfT to ensure that the Night Owl is sited correctly.
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