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To restrict traffic flow to one direction by preventing/deterring traffic from going the wrong way over the plates. Can be used in conjunction with our arm barriers and gates.

Traffic Flow Plates Specification
  • Heavy duty steel box 300 x 200 x 200mm deep.
  • Flap and top of heavy duty steel plate.
  • 12.5mm thick.
  • Heavy duty rubber buffer.
  • Heavy duty hinge diameter 19mm.
  • Total weight 15kg.
  • Galvanised finish.
  • Top plate and flap are painted yellow.
Delivery time
  • 5-10 working days.
Installation Advice

The product can be installed by using two methods of fixing a) surface mounted by bolting down with rubber expanding bolts or b) laying a concrete raft and fixing with anchor bolts.

Asphalt surface mounting:

This method should only be used if the asphalt surface is older than 6 months and has a crust of asphalt depth of 50mm or greater. The benefits of using rubber bolts are that they offer a “dampening” effect when traffic passes over. Rubber fixing plugs have an out side diameter of 22mm and are 75mm in depth, the actual bolt size is an M12 x 100mm.

Fitting a concrete raft:

This method should be used if the road surface is in poor condition, is newer than six months old or has a asphalt surface depth of less than 50mm.

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