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A breakthrough in cast polyurethane Bollard technology has led to the launch of the innovative Impact-flex range of flexible bollards. Manufactured in ‘Terrathane’ which is a fully pigmented, self finished, high impact resistant, zero maintenance black polyurethane, these flexible bollards are used primarily in areas which frequently get knocked by vehicles at low speed – reducing impact damage to the vehicle and removing the need for bollard replacement.

  • Available in o/ds of 130mm (9mm side wall) and 155mm (12mm side wall)
  • 1000mm above ground height
  • Weigh only 5kg
  • Domed bollard top
  • Bollard will fold 90 degrees
  • These bollards have a bounce back design once load is removed
  • Retains strength after countless impacts, making this highly durable
  • Reflective Tape included as standard, various colours to choose from
  • Typical delivery time: 10 -15 working days
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