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The “Eternity Traffic Cone” is a indestructible (well almost) traffic cone made from a new PVC design which ensures durability and flexibility in all weather conditions. These cones can return to vertical after being run over at speed by a lorry with no sign of damage. This cone will last year after year without losing quality

This new traffic cone is a must have and we can send you a sample so you can see firsthand how durable this cone is.

  • Fluorescent colour and R2 reflective banding provides maximum visibility
  • Base is made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Comply with EN13422 standards
  • Pre-applied 3M 3840 Hi-intensity Cone Sheeting for durability and superior safety.
  • Cones can be branded, priced on request
  • 3-5 working days for orders up to 600 traffic cones.
  • Larger orders quoted on request.
    Qty is based on per 100 traffic cones
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