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This attractive and practical fixed bollard has a high strength galvanized steel core and consists of a rugged, self coloured casing sleeve, made from medium density polyethylene MDPE.  If the sleeve is damaged it can be easily replaced without any of the associated costly ground works.

  • Height above ground - 900mm
  • Below ground - 400mm
  • Max width - 195mm
  • Weight - 13.5kg


  • Sleeve has a durable textured finish and is UV stable and weather resistant.
  • Standard colour black, other colours to order.
  • Self adhesive bands available extra.
  • MDPE is an easily re-cyclable material.


  • Steel core is 1220mm long overall.
  • Ragged version 400mm below ground.
  • 114mm diameter.
  • 3mm wall thickness.
  • Galvanised.
  • These bollards can be filled with concrete on site for extra strength.

Removable version:

  • Removable version is used with a ground socket.
  • Lockable by padlock (sold seperately).
  • Removable sleeve includes steel core inside.
  • Height above ground - 900mm
  • Below ground - 127mm
  • Max width - 195mm
  • Weight - 22.5kg
Delivery time
  • Typically 10 - 15 working days
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