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This design is a simple and affordable method of providing cover and protection in all weather conditions for sports men and women. The nature of the design also enables the shelter to be erected and installed on any surface which is perfect given the number of different surfaces sport is played on or near.

Sports Shelter Specification
  • Light weight for easy assembly
  • Free Standing (can be bolted down for permanent fixing)
  • 2.5m L x 1.9m H x 0.9m D
  • 8-12 person capacity
  • Polycarbonate side, back and roof panels
  • Full length bench seating
  • Powder Coat finish (various colour options available)
  • Wheels for portability are available upon request
  • Call for aluminium frame enquiries
Delivery time
  • Typically 2 - 3 weeks.

* Please note that our installation cost is based upon a concrete/tarmac surface and extra costs may be incurred where further work is needed.

  • Durham University

“We are delighted with the shelters themselves, which are functional and well designed. The installation process which was taken care of entrieely by the company, meaning we were provided with a fully assembled product, in the location we wanted it".

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