Benefits of Smoking Shelters

The smoking shelter is a designated place that can be used to accommodate all smokers in public areas.  This shelter type has a lot of benefits for all smokers and people visit the site. Because of its advantages, the smoking shelter is commonly found in some public spaces such as restaurants, universities, shopping centers, and other public spaces.

Outdoor smoking shelters offer convenience to both smokers and non-smokers. Smokers get a safe and secure designated smoking area where they can enjoy their cigarettes and non-smokers aren’t disturbed by second-hand smoking. For this reason, it’s important to place the smoking structure away from doors, windows, or any other entrance section that could allow passage of smoke into the building. Those who smoke will also feel more comfortable when they are not seen by every person that walks into the building.

The outdoor smoking shelter also helps reduce littering greatly. Cigarette butts are some of the common causes of littering because most people prefer to flicker them to the ground rather than dispose of them properly. While a single butt in a large area doesn’t seem like much litter, when they accumulate, they become disgusting. Hiring a smoking shelter company to construct a stricture for you reduces the chances of such littering by giving smokers one area to flick the butts. Collecting them from the designated smoking area and disposing of them correctly will be easier.

Such outdoor smoking structures also provide security to smokers regardless of the weather changes. They can be used whether it rains or snows, thereby giving a permanent alternative to smoking inside the building.

Given all the benefits of outdoor smoking, having a smoking shelter constructed will allow you to save a lot of money while continuing to run your business effectively.


Types of Smoking Shelters

Smoking shelters are mostly differentiated depending on the material used in the construction. Your choice of material should depend on your location and the kind of weather changes you normally experience. Steel and aluminum are usually very durable and are more suitable for smoking shelters regardless of the location. They are resistant to fire and are sturdy, which makes them perfect even when there is strong wind or storm. The main concern with these types of shelters is the visual appeal. However, when you work with the right company, you can get an aesthetically pleasing structure that is also very functional and strong.

All of our smoking shelters are built to comply with current smoking legislation and are ideal for commercial premises such as pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and other public venues, as well as any workplaces with smoking employees.

The most popular variants:

BDS Smoking Shelter

  • Suitable for concrete, tarmac, paving slabs, or block surfaces
  • Option to powder coat color galvanized or for extra protection against corrosion.
  • Extra full surround seating (4 benches) available for maximum comfort.

SS Smoking Shelter

  • This smoking shelter is a simple shelter, partially enclosed to provide ample cover for occupants.
  • Available Galvanised and Powder Coated in various color options

Ruby Smoking Shelter

  • This Smoking Shelter is a heavy-duty shelter based on the robust construction of our Sapphire and Topaz Bus Shelters. It provides complete protection.

Jewel Smoking Shelter

  • Modern shelter shaped with a stylish curved roof.
  • Steel, modular construction makes it possible to adjust the shelter length and width to fit location or situation.
  • High quality and innovative construction allow our steel shelter to be competitive even with aluminum shelters, especially with the design and price.

smoking shelter

Interested in Installing a Smoking Shelter?

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