What Is A Covered Walkway?

Covered walkways are basically a shelter overhead of your building’s entrance or perimeter. They can make a great difference to a business, school or retail centre, increasing the overall height, dimension and shape of the exterior, and can be used during the process of a renovation. The easy-to-integrate, fixed and free-standing products provided by our team here at Shelter Store offer a range of different finishes and engineering extras to ensure that the quality of your covered walkway is second-to-none.

What are the further benefits of covered walkways?

  • Safety isn’t compromised. Rushing to get in from the rain or snow is understandable, however, if the ground underfoot is slippery then accidents can happen. With covered walkways, this risk is greatly minimised.
  • With social distancing being the word on everyone’s lips, having an outdoor space can be very versatile and used in a number of ways. A walkway canopy can be used as a more pleasant waiting area for guests to maintain a safe social distance.
  • While the weather shouldn’t play too much on our mood, in the UK we are no stranger to a downpour of rain. Taking visitors or your staff between buildings on a soaking wet day is not only slightly awkward but for them, it probably isn’t the best experience of your premises. A covered walkway provides much more weather protection for your next visitor’s site visit.
  • A walkway canopy is a defined passageway for staff and visitors who may not be as familiar around the layout of your property. It is a great way to aid directions between a reception, car park or other areas of the premises.
  • Having design flexibility when creating your covered walkway is a great way to spruce up an area to increase the aesthetics of your property and a new lease of life can improve the wellbeing of your employees, pupils, or visitors.

What Covered Walkways Can Shelter Store Provide Me With?

At Shelter Store, we specialise in a range of both standard and bespoke covered walkways for a range of sectors that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. All of our covered walkways are made bespoke for you and can be finished in a wide range of colours and finishes including powder coating and 316 stainless steel for that premium finish. Our Walkways/Canopies are perfect for schools, offices and public spaces alike.


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