The UK is starting to open back up following its shutdown at the hands of COVID-19. Schools especially are beginning to return to normal practices, with teachers and pupils now being able to come in on a limited capacity.

This means that safety measures going to have to be put in place for any businesses working around the area. Now obviously, you can protect yourself by wearing the appropriate facemasks, and things like that to defend against COVID-19 and spreading it, but what are you doing to guarantee the physical safety of the children?

The Hypothetical Scenario

So, let’s take a look at a hypothetical scenario for just a minute. Imagine for a second that you are someone who has a business. Your premises are located near the school. Usually, this is fine. However, you don’t have any means of protecting the kids themselves from traffic, heavy machinery, things like that.

The Problems

Understandably, this can create quite a few issues. There is nothing to protect children. There are no barriers in place to make sure that they are not hit by cars, not exposed to heavy machinery, not in the way, not in a place where they can be hurt, and this is a problem. Without these protection measures in place, you don’t necessarily come off as being entirely considerate of where your business is based. 

The Solution 

The solution to the problem is simple. Bollards have been designed to make sure that there is a clear divide between one part of a place and another. Bollards are made of very strong materials, can’t be moved, can’t be easily damaged, and serve as excellent reminders to little ones that they should not be in the area.

The thing to know about a bollard is that they provide you with incredible coverage and protection without being a massive eyesore. It helps to clearly lock off an area, and make sure that any vehicles cannot pass past the bollard, and the parents and staff members at the school have a reassurance that the children are going to be safe. 

Bollards help to clearly define your premises, which means you have more of a precise understanding of what you can and can’t do on it. It helps you to clearly demonstrate that this is a dangerous place for little children to stray into by mistake. 

In conclusion, the bollard is an excellent way to block off a certain area, make sure the traffic cannot pass into a potentially dangerous place and ensures that people are careful when they approach the area. The bollards serve as a gentle reminder that beyond it is a place where it might not be safe to go and that it is so important if children are going to be coming away from school, going into school, and interacting around your business in the coming weeks and months. When you also throw in the factor that they are easy to get installed, you’ve got a win-win situation.