What are Bollards?

Bollards are most common sights at commercial or official premises, and many of our products here at Shelter Store cater to customers in these sectors. Their benefits for commercial premises are clear to see in terms of the security screening and protection they provide. However, given that private residents aren’t often gifted with their own dedicated security staff, residential bollards can provide them with similarly useful benefits. Though there are multiple context-dependent advantages, all of them generally fall under three main categories, which we’ll explore in more detail below.


As the most overlooked piece of security in the face of traffic, bollards come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and features. After all, they aren’t all giant metallic eyesores that pull away from the beauty of the big city and many of them have been modernised in order to control traffic rather than restrict it. Just take telescopic bollards as an example! This effective deterrent is actually manufactured to collapse into the ground when required in order to allow permitted vehicles to pass through. Read on to find out how they could benefit you…

Control Traffic

Sometimes it is important to control the flow of traffic rather than restrict it and that is where telescopic bollards come in. They can be effectively used on driveways, in order to ensure that other motorists don’t trespass on your property; in cities, where delivery vans required controlled access to pedestrian streets; and even in car parks, in order to prevent unauthorised drivers from taking spaces from those that need them.

Terrorism Prevention

Over the past few years, threat or terrorism has increased considerably. In fact, many attacks have involved motorists mounting the curb in order to intentionally mow down pedestrians. As a result of these horrendous attacks, the government have started to installed bollards along the roadside in order to prevent drivers from carrying out such villainous behaviour. After all, many bollards are made from extremely strong metals like steel that can withstand the force of a vehicle and are able to keep pedestrians safe. Telescopic bollards are used in the city centres where vehicles are permitted access under certain situations and are lowered when necessary. This means that pedestrians can be protected without impacting the day to day activities of businesses.


Not only are telescopic bollards an incredibly beneficial addition to any property or roadside, but they can also be personalised with additional features. For example, many bollards come with reflective features in order to ensure that drivers are able to see them at night and they can even be adorned with a galvanised, powder coating or stainless steel finishes, allowing you to find the design that suits your personal preference without sacrificing functionality.