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The unique spring steel buffer, suitable for both light and heavy vehicles, is widely used in car park and industrial applications worldwide. It is designed to absorb impact loads, putting less stress on the bolts so that most concrete slabs are suitable for fixing on to, and thereby reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

  • Standard finish is galvanised.
  • A concrete foundation to at least 25N/mm 2 will give maximum pullout tension of 60KN.
  • Minimum Diameter 500mm
  • Maximum Diameter 1000mm

System Consists of:-

  • 4 (2*) No. Warehouse Semi-circles
  • 4 No. RB ‘610’ Buffers
  • 4 No. RB Base Plates
  • 4 (2*) No. Joint Plates
  • 4 No. Anchor Bolts
  • + Fixing Accessories

(* Denotes quantity required for Single Hoop System)

Delivery time
  • Typically 2 weeks
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