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Standard Grit Bin

When the winter comes this year, be prepared with a durable, weather resistant grit bins. Our grit bins are perfect for storing grit, salt or sand. "A must have for this winter to keep the ice away." Why not not fill up your bins with our high quality White Rock Salt.

  • 5-10 working days - For Orders of 10 or Less
  • 7-15 working Days - For Orders 10 or More
Grit Bin Features
  • Stackable
    • We offer two different capacities, 200 and 350 Litre Grit bins in this range. Our 200 Litre & 350 Litre capacity bins can be stacked in pallets for space saving during the summer months.
  • Weather Resistant
    • Protected against rain, snow and ice, so grit, salt or sand is perfect for use every time.
  • Colours
    • Available in different colours to provide coding for different types of grit or to blend in with other site furniture and colouring.
  • Lockable Option Available
  • 200 Litre - 720mm H x 519mm D x 1020mm W 
  • 350 Litre - 750mm H x 725mm D x 1200mm W

Please note: 1 Litre = approximately 1kg of grit/salt.

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