What Are The Advantages Of Bin Storage?

Especially in the UK, keeping your wheelie bins safe and protected can be a tough problem. There’s not just the weather to take into account, but also wildlife and the fact that wheelie bins are generally unpleasant looking. There are a few different solutions to these issues, but one that seems to work particularly well is wooden wheelie bin storage units which help to keep your wheelie bins secure. These units store your wheelie bins simply and easily, locking them shut while still allowing you to access them easily and help with making your bins look a lot less of an eyesore too.

Furthermore,  when it comes to thinking about the garden, wheelie bins are not the first thing most people think about.  What’s more, in these environmentally conscious times, most properties have at least two wheelies to contend with. If not properly managed, this can cause householders and business owners a real headache.

So, how do we combat potential wheelie bin troubles and dustbin dilemmas?

The answer is simple: purchase a wheelie bin store.

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Here are some of the ways bin storage can help:


Having a disorganized workplace can significantly lower your employee productivity levels, as they will have to compete with clutter for available table or workspace. Utilizing storage bins can help you eliminate clutter, while also allowing easy access to items when needed.


Not only can cleaning and organising your workspace help increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace, but it can also help create a safer working environment for your employees. Using storage bins can help keep your equipment and supplies out of the way, preventing employees from tripping and falling on a loose item.


Industrial storage bins will not only help you organise your workspace but also make it easier for employees to find the items they need in a timely manner. Before lining your shelves with industrial storage bins, make sure to clearly label them with the name of the items they contain. This way an employee will be able to quickly find the item they need, and they will be able to return the item to its proper place when they are finished with it.


Having a neatly organized workspace can also help increase workplace productivity, as employees will no longer waste time looking for the things they need. By placing your industrial storage bins in a convenient location, you can also cut down on the time spent retrieving items from the bins.


Having all of your equipment and other items stored in industrial storage bins can help make your workspace easier to clean. Employees can simply move the bins out of the way while they are cleaning and then return the bins back to their regular place on the shelf once they are done.

Bin Storage Solutions from Shelter Store

Every business produces waste as a result of its operations, so it’s necessary to have bins, both to manage the waste produced and to comply with the law. Displaying your bins can, however, bring in some issues such as the risk of unauthorised access or unwanted attraction of pests and a messy site.

Our store offers the perfect solution. Bin stores that we build are durable and are a perfect solution for storing your wheelie and recycling bins. Looking for extra security and durability or even something that won’t spoil that perfect garden view? You’ve come to the right place.

You can choose from :

The Multi-Bin Store – Aesthetically pleasing solution for storage with a durable steel frame and wood cladding.

Paladin Bin Store – Cost Effective & Secure SS Bin Store – Our most in-demand and premium solution for its durability and design.

Apex Bin Store – Best used for bins at offices and residential complexes but can also be used for secure bicycle parking or site storage at larger premises such as schools.

If you would like further information on our products or installation service, either:

Contact our experts here or email us  or call 0800 612 7503.