As the nights draw in and temperatures drop we welcome in the weather of autumn. This season it is more important than ever to stay warm and dry.

A covered walkway can often be seen as a luxury product, particularly by schools and organisations with limited funds. However, the benefits a walkway brings to a site often far outweigh the initial cost. Not only can it link your site together, providing an integrated feel to your setting, it can also improve the experience of your staff, students, visitors or customers as they travel around your site.

Not to mention, with Coronavirus on everyone’s minds, we all know how important it is to follow government guidelines and make sure everywhere is as safe as possible.

Shelter Store has a range of items that will help to protect the children, staff and parents.

Covered outdoor learning and dining areas can provide double the classroom space or canteen capacity. Steel or timber structures can be made to suit the building and fit the space available. Simple waiting shelters and walkways can offer protection from the rain for parents who are social distancing.

Staff and visitors to your site will also welcome a more comfortable way to travel around your school. And prospective students and parents will be reassured of your concern for your pupils’ welfare.

Importance of having an entrance canopy on your commercial building

 1. Aesthetic Benefit

An entrance canopy makes a useful addition to most buildings, not only does it improve the aesthetics of the building but it effectively highlights the location of the entrance.


In a far more practical sense, entrance canopies are primarily used as shelter solutions to protect the customers and staff members of commercial buildings from bad weather. Our shelter range includes a number of products from canopies to protect customers from full sun exposure, however, with winter looming we also have products to protect from rain and high winds.

If you employ staff members who smoke entrance canopies can also provide a sheltered area for them to smoke outside of the workplace. However, if your commercial building requires a more permanent smoking shelter for your workplace Miko also design these shelters.

Importance of having a covered walkway on your commercial building

1. Aesthetic Benefit

A covered walkway is a great way to make your building stand out from the crowd and give it a modern update with this practical design feature.

2. Shelter

The main benefit of covered walkways is that they provide a sheltered space which connects buildings and office space together. This means employees and visitors can stay warm and dry when moving between buildings. Thus, creating a more pleasant experience for them when they are within your premises. Additionally, it creates a connection between multiple commercial spaces, for instance, if you wish to link two premises together.

3.Increased Usable Space

Some businesses, such as cafes and restaurants, make more use of outdoor spaces than others. Commercial walkways make those outdoor spaces more comfortable for your customers and employees by blocking sun and rain. Even non-food businesses sometimes make use of sidewalk space (with a sale or clearance rack to attract attention, for example), and a covered space can help protect the products.

4. Linkway Between the Buildings

A covered walkway can also be beneficial in a healthcare environment. It can be used as a linkway between the hospital, or care home, buildings, providing staff, patients and visitors with a dry journey around the site. At Shelter Store, we can provide side fills to create a more enclosed walkway to make the area less exposed and more comfortable for people using the walkway.

High-Quality Walkways for Your School or Workplace

Shelter Store’s covered walkways and canopies cater for all budgets and needs, whilst retaining the highest quality and standards. All of our covered walkways are made bespoke for you and can be finished in a wide range of colours and finishes including powder coating and 316 stainless steel for that premium finish. Perfect for schools, offices and public spaces alike.