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Why Install a Waiting Shelter?

The Convenience of Waiting Shelters In the UK we can expect inclement weather throughout the year. This is why so many public places need to wait for shelters….

Six Ways that Street Furniture Can Enhance our Public Spaces

Six Ways that Street Furniture Can Enhance our Public Spaces As more people shop online, it is important to both communities and businesses that town centres and public…


Trolley Shelters and Trolley Storage Solutions

Trolley shelters available at Shelter Store are perfect for use in supermarkets and other commercial buildings. Positioning trolley storage within your car park will help to keep the…


Benefits of School Canopies during Covid-19

The installation of canopies within a school setting can bring many benefits for both the students and the school itself. Canopies bring new opportunities and flexibility, allowing the…

Benefits of Street Bollards

What are Bollards? Bollards are most common sights at commercial or official premises, and many of our products here at Shelter Store cater to customers in these sectors….

Bollards – Their Importance For Businesses Near Schools

The UK is starting to open back up following its shutdown at the hands of COVID-19. Schools especially are beginning to return to normal practices, with teachers and…

Wardale Smoking Shelter

I Want to Provide A Smoking Shelter for My Customers – What Do I Need to Know?

When it comes to modern business, particularly if it is a social space then we know that you are no longer allowed to smoke inside the building. However,…