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Why Install a Waiting Shelter?

The Convenience of Waiting Shelters In the UK we can expect inclement weather throughout the year. This is why so many public places need to wait for shelters….

Outdoor Restaurant Canopies: Smart Re-opening with Shelter Store

Are you ready to re-open your restaurant after months of lockdown? Comply with reopening regulations and maximise your business space with covered walkways and canopies solutions from Shelter Store….

What are The Characteristics of A Good Bus Shelter and Its Design

What are The Characteristics of A Good Bus Shelter and Its Design? A well designed and built bus shelter is an essential part of any urban transit system or…


Trolley Shelters and Trolley Storage Solutions

Trolley shelters available at Shelter Store are perfect for use in supermarkets and other commercial buildings. Positioning trolley storage within your car park will help to keep the…

5 ways that covered walkways can benefit your business

A covered walkway/canopy is an important architectural element that is often overlooked because of the simplicity of its function. Regardless of this, a walkway still serves an important…


How are Covered Walkways and Canopies Helping to Tackle Covid-19 and Ease Overcrowding

What Is A Covered Walkway? Covered walkways are basically a shelter overhead of your building’s entrance or perimeter. They can make a great difference to a business, school…

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The Benefits of Investing in a Smoking Shelter

Benefits of Smoking Shelters The smoking shelter is a designated place that can be used to accommodate all smokers in public areas.  This shelter type has a lot…


Benefits of School Canopies during Covid-19

The installation of canopies within a school setting can bring many benefits for both the students and the school itself. Canopies bring new opportunities and flexibility, allowing the…


The Importance of Covered Walkway/Canopy

As the nights draw in and temperatures drop we welcome in the weather of autumn. This season it is more important than ever to stay warm and dry….


The Importance Of Bus Shelters

In order to encourage more and more people to choose bus transport, it is vital to provide the best facilities for individuals. The basic purpose of the bus…