Smoking Shelters

Smoking might be a recreational activity for some, but it won’t be for everyone. It is a divisive habit, but there is no denying that smoking has adverse effects on those who partake, as well as those around them. Smoking, therefore, becomes a health and safety issue. Employers should still respect the choices of their staff when it comes to smoking.

In response to this, businesses began to install smoking shelters to accommodate people who work on or visit their premises.

What is Smoking Shelter?

A smoking shelter or structure is an area that is under a roof or ceiling. It does not need to have walls and could be simply an area with a canopy.

For a more enclosed feeling, the smoking shelter can have back and sides. However, according to the law, it can’t be fully enclosed.

Smoking Shelter gives a proper place for people to smoke

Arguably, the premier reason for erecting a smoking shelter on-site is that it gives people somewhere safe to smoke or vape. Not only is this better for morale in your company but it is also nice for visitors to have somewhere to smoke if they wish to. Installing a smoking shelter will also mean your business stays within the relevant laws around people smoking inside or too close to buildings. Smoking shelters will also mean staff and visitors can stay protected from the elements when nipping out for a cigarette. All in all, they offer many advantages to business owners.

Helps with recruitment and retention of staff

Having smoking shelters installed can also benefit your business in terms of recruitment. Many UK workers still smoke and having the right facilities for them to use means you always have access to the best talent to hire. This is also true for many ex-smokers who now vape or use e-cigs. By providing shelters for them to use, you are ensuring your talent pool remains wide open. It is also a benefit when it comes to retaining staff. By having smoking shelters in place, staff are likely to feel valued and not want to leave because they have nowhere nice to smoke or vape.

Smoking Shelter keeps grounds tidy

As we have already touched on, image is crucial to all businesses and this is very true when it comes to your grounds. If your site is littered with cigarette butts or different groups of people smoking, it does not create the right impression with clients. Erecting proper smoking shelters helps to avoid these issues by giving people somewhere out of the way to smoke and discard their cigarette butts properly. The net result is a smart and tidy site which visitors will love.

Can make your site look more interesting

It is not purely practical benefits which shelters for smokers will deliver to your business. Shelter Store smoking shelters come in a variety of colours, designs and shapes. This means you can choose ones that look awesome and actually add to the visual appeal of your grounds.

Looking for a Smoking Shelter?

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