Smoking Shelter Offers Many Advantages for Your Business

In order to comply with all current government legislation, all UK workplaces and enclosed areas must be completely smoke-free, with many businesses adopting the same approach to e-cigarettes or vapes. While legislation has been around for some time surrounding this, many businesses including offices and venues throughout the UK do not have adequate enclosed facilities for their employees or visitors to smoke or vape.

Smoking Shelter – The perfect solution 

The answer?  A smoking shelter – a simple enclosed structure with a roof and glass or Plexiglas sides. Providing any hideaway from the elements will certainly be welcomed by smokers.

The installation of smoking and vape shelters allows you to comply with UK legislation and provide a sheltered area that is for those who choose to smoke or vape. Not only does this help to provide a better aesthetic and enhance the presentation of your workplace, but it also provides an area for people to go that is designating for those wishing to smoke, or vape.

Smoking & E-Cigarette Shelters: Buying Guide

With smoking being banned for many years now, it’s important that you help workers and visitors to your site understand they must use designated smoking areas, and navigate them to those areas accordingly. The smoking & E-Cigarette shelters will not only benefit your employees and clients by providing designated areas for these activities, but they will benefit your business too. By providing smoking and vape shelters you can ensure that you are not liable for any fees. All our smoking shelters are fully compliant with UK Smoking Laws and they come in a variety of different designs to match your workplace aesthetic.

Outdoor Smoking & E-Cigarette Shelters: Designs

The smoking and vaping shelters available through our Shelter Store website have all been designed with smoking policies in mind, and over 50% of the sides have been left open to enable fumes to disperse quickly, but still offers the weather protection that smokers are looking for.

Adding a large smoking shelter to your site does not mean creating an eyesore, and there are plenty of stylish designs available to suit every location and business. For instance, you can choose from simple wall-mounted shelters, as well as steel frame versions with polycarbonate or acrylic sides that offer added protection without making the structure too enclosed. This stops them being classed as an enclosed space while providing a suitable environment for smoking and vaping.

If you are a large business with many employees, then the Carrington Cycle Smoking Shelter may be the right choice for you. This modern smoking shelter is two in one! It’s the perfect choice for those looking to provide cycle shelter and a smoking shelter in the same location.

For companies with limited space, a Small Wall Smoking Canopy would be beneficial for you. It provides cover for up to 3 smokers and is powder-coated to provide additional protection against the elements, giving a home to those wishing to smoke or vape, while looking professional and tidy.

Smoking & E-Cigarette Shelters: Hygiene

To keep your area clean and tidy, our free-standing cigarette bins and ash stands are essential items for your business and encourage people to dispose of their used cigarettes responsibly. In doing so you make sure your cigarette waste is disposed of correctly and they will improve your workplace environment overall.

If you require any assistance with the specifications for our smoking shelters, including the maximum capacity of the individual designs, we are more than happy to answer your questions before you place your order.

Contact our experts and they will assist with any questions that you might have.