Are you ready to re-open your restaurant after months of lockdown?

Comply with reopening regulations and maximise your business space with covered walkways and canopies solutions from Shelter Store.

As a restaurant owner, you might attribute shade structure to commercial businesses that solely focus on outdoor services.

However, with England giving a green light to restaurants to open their outdoor seating areas, we can predict that canopies will be the most sought after solution this year.

Running a business has always required flexibility and innovation, but in today’s climate, mobility has become more important than ever.

Our outdoor canopies and covered walkways will equip you to meet new health and safety restrictions. Thus, maximise your space and support social distancing.  A great combination of function and flair, Shelter Store products can be personalised to create a solution for your business to use for years to come.

Let’s make the most of your restaurant reopening and get your business back to speed!

Read on to find out what your restaurant reopening could look like with our canopies and covered walkways.

1. Seat more customers all-year-round

With one of these systems in place, you can cater for additional customers throughout every season and not just after a lockdown.

Freestanding or wall-mounted, canopies:

  • Instantly create that added wow factor
  • Enable venues to make money from their outdoor space all year, every year

2. Protection from Elements

Entrance canopies serve an important function by providing protection to your customers from the elements. This is especially advantageous given the unpredictable nature of British weather. Commercial canopies offer shelter from sudden rain showers and afford shade from the sun’s heat, damaging UV rays and harsh light. By creating a dry surface at your business premise’s entrance point, you can supplement the comfort of your employees and customers.

3. Increase Usable Work Space

 An entrance canopy can be used to extend the amount of usable space for your business. This is particularly vital for businesses like hotels or restaurants where an added space in front of the property can be valuable.

4. Improve Customer Experience

Many restaurants forget that their customer’s experience starts the moment they walk through their door, and throughout the entire duration of their wait for a table. Shade structures, such as a covered lounge area, can contribute to a better customer experience by providing more space for customers to relax, talk and drink as they wait for a table.

5. Grow Restaurant Revenue

During the summer, spring and fall months, outdoor seating can attract more customers and help increase customer spending. In fact, statistics show restaurants with a deck or patio can increase revenue by up to 30 per cent. structures.

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