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Trolley Shelters: Advantages and Benefits

Trolley shelters are a great investment for businesses, saving them time and effort, whilst offering convenience for shoppers too. They are a cost-effective option that can protect your…


Motorbike Shelter – The perfect solution for storing your motorbike

One of the most popular motorcycle storage solutions is the Motorbike shelter. If you live in the UK and own a Motorbike, you’re going to need a safe…

The best bollards for a driveway

Security bollards are used for a variety of reasons, such as restricting access to pedestrian areas, traffic calming measures, and as a means of adding additional security. But…


Advantages of Using Steel for Your Security Fencing

Are you thinking about installing steel fencing around your property to keep out trespassers and keep your possessions safe? Whilst there are a number of materials to choose…

Six Ways that Street Furniture Can Enhance our Public Spaces

Six Ways that Street Furniture Can Enhance our Public Spaces As more people shop online, it is important to both communities and businesses that town centres and public…

SS Bin Store-Bin-Storage-solutions

What Are The Advantages Of Bin Storage?

What Are The Advantages Of Bin Storage? Especially in the UK, keeping your wheelie bins safe and protected can be a tough problem. There’s not just the weather…

What are The Characteristics of A Good Bus Shelter and Its Design

What are The Characteristics of A Good Bus Shelter and Its Design? A well designed and built bus shelter is an essential part of any urban transit system or…


Trolley Shelters and Trolley Storage Solutions

Trolley shelters available at Shelter Store are perfect for use in supermarkets and other commercial buildings. Positioning trolley storage within your car park will help to keep the…


Benefits of Investing in Smoking Shelters in 2021

Smoking Shelter Offers Many Advantages for Your Business In order to comply with all current government legislation, all UK workplaces and enclosed areas must be completely smoke-free, with…

smoking shelter

The Benefits of Investing in a Smoking Shelter

Benefits of Smoking Shelters The smoking shelter is a designated place that can be used to accommodate all smokers in public areas.  This shelter type has a lot…

Reasons to invest in bollards

If you’ve ever wondered if buying bollards could be right for you, the following article could help. 1) Bollards protect your premises Bollards are used primarily for protection,…


Benefits of School Canopies during Covid-19

The installation of canopies within a school setting can bring many benefits for both the students and the school itself. Canopies bring new opportunities and flexibility, allowing the…


How Can Smoking Shelter Benefit Your Business

Smoking Shelters Smoking might be a recreational activity for some, but it won’t be for everyone. It is a divisive habit, but there is no denying that smoking…


The Importance Of Bus Shelters

In order to encourage more and more people to choose bus transport, it is vital to provide the best facilities for individuals. The basic purpose of the bus…

Benefits of Street Bollards

What are Bollards? Bollards are most common sights at commercial or official premises, and many of our products here at Shelter Store cater to customers in these sectors….

The Need For Smoking Shelters in a Post COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has changed the way that the world works. There are many different ways in which people can grow and develop following the pandemic, and one of these…

Wardale Smoking Shelter

I Want to Provide A Smoking Shelter for My Customers – What Do I Need to Know?

When it comes to modern business, particularly if it is a social space then we know that you are no longer allowed to smoke inside the building. However,…

SS Bin Store-Bin-Storage-solutions

SS Bin Store – Hackney, London

This SS Bin Store was manufactured and installed in a new housing estate in Hackney, London. It is our biggest selling Bin Store due to its quality, aesthetics…

Four Sided Corner Smoking Shelter

Four Sided Corner Smoking Shelter, Bognor Regis

We manufactured and installed one of our Four Sided Corner Shelter in Bognor Regis. The client were impressed with the quality of the product and quick lead time.

Buggy Shelter

Buggy Shelter, Birmingham

We manufactured and installed one of our BDS Buggy Shelters in Birmingham  for a Nursery. The client was delighted with the end result.

Carrington Cycle Smoking Shelter,

Carrington Cycle Smoking Shelter, Manchester

We manufactured and installed on of our Carrington Cycle Smoking Shelters for a Power Plant in Manchester. The combined shelter is a great way to look after both cyclists…

SS Bin Store-Bin-Storage-solutions

SS Bin Store, Birmingham

We supplied and installed an SS  Bin Store in Birmingham. The client was delighted with the end result.

Prestige Motorbike Shelter

Prestige Motorbike Shelter- HM Prison Service, Sutton

We manufactured and installed this prestige motorbike shelter for the HM Prison Shelter. They were impressed with the quality of the product and quick lead time

multi bin store

Multi Bin Store, Derby

We supplied and installed a Multi Bin Store in Derby. The client was delighted with the end result.

Executive Smoking Shelter

Executive Smoking Shelter, Cambridgeshire

We manufactured and installed on of our Executive Smoking Shelters for a Health Trust in Cambridgeshire. This now means that staff and patients have somewhere undercover to smoke.


Umbrella Canopy, Wembley

Having completed a number of canopy installations a few months before. The school asked us to supply and install this umbrella canopy.

Bus Stop

Cantilever Bus Shelters, Kent County Council

We manufactured and installed 2 no. Cantilever Bus Shelters for Kent County Council. They were impressed with the quality of the product and quick lead time.


5no. Canopies Elsley Primary School, Wembley

Over the summer we manufactured a number of canopies for Elsley Primary School that has under gone a full refurbishment. The canopies are manufactured from 100mm x 100mm…

Wardale Smoking Shelter

BDS Smoking Shelter, Nottinghamshire

We manufactured and installed one of our BDS Smoking Shelters in Nottinghamshire  for a Care home. The staff are delighted to now have protection form the rain on…


3 no. Picnic Benches for Amazon, London

We manufactured and installed 3 Picnic benches for Amazons new head office in Shoreditch, London. They are manufactured from powder coated mild steel and treated timber. They were…

New York shelter

1no. 20 Space New York Shelter, Surrey

Shelter Store provided a 20 space New York Shelter on behalf of BAM Construction for a primary school in Surrey. With a galvanised and powder coated RAL colour…

ticket booth canopy

1no. Ticket Booth Canopy, London

We supplied and installed a ticket booth canopy at Hackney Wick Station in London. The client was delighted with the end result.

bin store

SS Bin Store in Tilbury, Essex

We supplied a 4 bay SS Bin Store to a new build school in Tilbury. The contractor was delighted with the end result.

Vape Shelter

2no. BDS Vaping/Smoking Shelters Poundworld Retail Ltd, Leeds

Vaping Shelters are certainly becoming more popular. We installed 2no for Poundworld Retail in Leeds this month. As you can see the staff where waiting patiently to use…

Jewel Smoking Shelter

4 no. Jewel Smokings Shelters- URS Facility Management, Peterborugh

We manufactured and supplied Jewel Smoking Shelters  to URS FM in Peterborough. As you can see the staff are delighted with the end result!

Bike and Smoking Shelters

2 Bristol Bike Shelters and 1 Bristol Smoking Shelter- CCL, Kent

We manufactured and  installed 2 Bristol Bike Shelters for 20 bikes and 1 Bristol Smoking Shelter for CCL IN Ashford. Our products have not made the lives of CCLs…


5 Ollerton Benches, Plymouth

Just before the Christmas break we manufactured and supplied 5 Ollerton benches to a College in Plymouth. These benches are particularly popular due to their contemporary appearance and…


Flat Top Bollards, Sheffield

We manufactured and supplied 25 Flat Top Bollards to a car park in Sheffield that were powder coated in-house. We supply a range of bollards manufactured from various…


BDS Smoking Shelter-Cumbria

One of the most popular places we install smoking shelters are in industrial estates across the UK. This shelter was manufactured and installed within 4 weeks of order…

smoking shelter

Value Smoking Shelter installed in Birmingham

By no means is this one of the largest jobs we have completed recently. However it is a good example of the 100’s of smoking shelters we supply…

Two Tier New York Bike Shelter for 32 Bikes, London

We manufactured and installed this 32 bike Two Tier Shelter for 1 Long Lane in London. The client was delighted with the end result and so where we!

Canopy for Lancaster House- Norwich

Shelter Store designed and installed a 16 meter canopy at Lancaster House in Norwich. The walkway was installed within 4 weeks from order. We hope to work on more…

Corner Smoking Shelter- Birmingham

We designed, manufactured and installed this shelter for the Bullring Shopping Center, Birmingham. Interestingly this shelter will be used by smokers and vapers!

smoking shelter

B H Construction Co Ltd- North Lincolnshire

We manufactured 7 no. Four Sided Smoking Shelters for BH Construction based in North Lincolnshire. The shelters are for one of their clients that and will be placed in an…

motorbike shelter

RPC Containers Ltd- Prestige Motorbike Shelters

In April we supplied two of our Prestige Motorbike Shelters to RPC Containers in Northamptonshire. The clients employees are now delighted that their motorbikes are being kept lovely and…

The Viking Ship Cafe

One of our past customers sent in a nice picture of the canopy we supplied and they installed last year. The cafe is now open again from its…

Dove Jeffery Homes – Ipswich

We manufactured and installed one of our multi bin stores in Ipswich. The client was delighted with the end result.

Darlington Borough Council – Darlington

We manufactured and delivered one of our 3 bay Jewell bus shelters to Darlington Borough Council. They were impressed with the quality of the product and quikc delivery…

Arla Foods- Leeds

Arla Foods wanted to provide covered bike storage for their cyclists and smoking shelters for their staff who smoked.  We manufactured and installed 1nr 20 space BDS Cycle…

Olympic Delivery Authority, Soho London

We manufactured and installed 16 Two Tier Bike Racks and 35 Semi-Vertical bikes racks for the ODA in Soho, London. They wanted to make the most of the…