Housing developments

Bike Dock Solutions compact and great value products means that cycle parking no longer needs to be such a headache for housing developers. Speak to one of our representatives who can recommend the most suitable solution for you.

Code for Sustainable Homes

Bike Dock Solutions provides a wide range of products that meet the requirements of the Code for sustainable homes. Please see below how cycle storage can gain you credits!

Cycle Storage within the CODE!

  • 2 available credits
  • Credits worth 1.26% points each
  • Mandatory Element: No

Aim: To encourage the wider use of cycle as transport by providing adequate and secure cycle storage facilities, thus reducing the need for short car journey.
Assessment Criteria: Credits are awarded where adequate sized, safe, secure, convenient and weather-proof cycle storage is provided for each dwelling.

"we were completely satisfied with your service. Which is quite refreshing in these troubled times!"
James Whiteley (Buyer) Sir Robert Mcalpine.