Custom Designs

Custom Made Street Furniture

An increasing number of businesses have moved towards this bespoke street furniture idea, giving them that unique edge. By helping us help you, with a simple sketch, logo or basic idea, we can build on this and help turn your lifeless concept into a unique stimulating piece of street furniture. Our bespoke design stretched from bus shelters, to quirky bollards to stylish seating solution.

Bespoke projects are an important part of our business at Shelter Store. With our in-house design team, combined with our years of product knowledge and fabrication experience, it allows us to provide our clients with a full range of bespoke services: from standalone concept design to a one-stop shop for the design, manufacture and delivery of a bespoke project.

When designing street furniture, there are always issues about striking a balance between public usability, the visual concerns of the designer and issues of durability for those responsible for funding and maintaining the products. This process considers issues such as: visual impact, human factor interaction, DDA compliancy, environmental credentials of materials, fixing and transportation requirements and cost of manufacture.

Here at Shelter Store we can do all the hard work for you with your own tailored design drawing and quotation based on your specific requirements.

Custom designs: