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> October 2015 - Starbucks, Westfields Stratford City

We designed, manufactured and installed this shelter for Starbucks in Westfields, Stratford City. They wanted to make a slight alteration to our standard Four Sided Shelter. We have now added this design to our standard range of smoking shelters.

> September 2015 - Anston Parish Council, Wales

We manufactured and installed three of our Jewel Bus Shelters in Wales. They were much needed as the existing shelters had been vandalised and not fit for purpose.

> August 2015 - Bunzl in Enfield

We manufactured and installed a bespoke trolley shelter for Bunzl in Enfield. The estates manager was delighted with the end result and we think it is obvious why!

> July 2015 - Cardiff for National Express.

We manufactured and installed a 20 meter long Cantilever Bus Shelter in Cardiff for National Express. The client was delighted with the end result and has ordered another 2!

> June 2015 - Apex Bin Store to O2 Arena

We recently installed one of our Apex Bin Stores at the O2 Arena in London. It offers a secure and aesthetically pleasing solution for storage.

> May 2015 – Bin Stores to London

We supplied and installed two SS Bin Stores to a new development in London. The client was very pleased with the end result and I am sure you can see why.

> April 2015 – North Lanarkshire Council- Arc Shelter

We supplied 1 of our popular Arc Shelters to a school in Scotland on behalf of North Lanarkshire Council. The school were delighted to finally have their existing cycle rack covered from the elements.

> March 2015 - Giles Junior School, Hertfordshire - Walkway

In March 2015 we completed the manufacture and install of a 58 meter walkway for Giles Junior School in Hertfordshire. The walkway is required to keep students protected from the elements when moving between two new buildings.

> February 2015 - Medley Parish Council - Bus Shelter

We manufactured and installed a new bus shelter for Medley Parish Council who had their existing shelter damaged in a road accident. Our design team worked closely with the client to ensure it met all of their requirements. The council are delighted with their new shelter.

> January 2015 - AMEC Gas Terminal, Lincolnshire - Bus Shelter

We manufactured and installed 3 Bay Jewel Bus Shelter with 6mm toughened safety glass for AMEC Gas Terminal in Lincolnshire. The client was delighted with the end result.

> December 2014 - Wembley Stadium, London - Venue Smoking Shelter

Wembley Stadium decided to upgrade one of their smoking shelters and chose one of our more high end smoking shelters. We installed the shelter 3 weeks from order and the staff are very happy with the end result.

> November 2014 Parkside School, Hertfordshire - 45 meter link Walkway

Shelter Store designed and installed the 45 meter walkway at the school which will be used by children to go from the main hall to the rest of the school. The walkway was installed within 4 weeks from order. Shelter Store hopes to work on more projects like this over the coming years.

> October 2014 - Barnwell School, Stevenage - 100 meter Walkway

This walkway was installed to link one end of the school with the other. Shelter Store designed and installed the walkway along with carrying out the groundwork’s. The client was extremely happy with the end result.

> September 2014 - JP Morgan, London - Prestige Smoking Shelter

We installed this shelter with 2 weeks of the order being placed with us. JP Morgan were keen to get their staff covered by the time the weather changed.

> August 2014 - Park and Ride, Bath, - Bespoke Prestige Timber Bus Shelter

This shelter was designed, manufactured and installed by Shelter Store for Bath City Council. As I am sure you will agree the end result was rather spectacular!

> July 2014 - Tesco, Romford - 1 Extended front 10 Space Shelter

It seems 2014 was the year for a number of supermarkets to address their cycle storage issues. Tesco approached us to supply them with 10 space bike shelter for their staff.

> June 2014 - Bow School - Gull Wing Security Enclosure

The school recently had a huge refurbishment and as part of this they required a shelter to house 136 bikes. Shelter Store was the chosen supplier and carried out the full design, manufacture and installation of the shelter.

> May 2014 - SSG Limited - 1 x Open Fronted Shelter

SSG Limited required a smoking shelter for their staff. So in late May we installed our Open Fronted Shelter which was finished in Blue.

> Apri 2014 - Asda, Lincoln - 1 x ReCycle Shelter

Asda approached us to supply and install our 10 space ReCycle shelter. The shelter will be used by staffs that have just begun to benefit from a cycle to work scheme.

> March 2014 - Neather Hayford - 2x Halton Anti Vandal Bus Shelter

These 2 bus shelters were required as replacements for old shelters that were quite worse for wear. The shelters were delivered and installed within 4 weeks of order.

> February 2014 - Yorke Mead

The school required some quality bike storage for their growing number of cyclists so came to Shelter Store. They purchased 2 x 16 space BDS Shelters with toast rack which will hold 32 bikes.

> January 2014 - One Olivers Yard

Single bike racks for 6 bikes and new bike rack for 12 bikes.

> December 2013 - Precon Products Ltd

Precon Products are an independent specialist supplier to the construction and building industry. Precon are a leading supplier in their sector in the UK. Shelter store were approached to supply a total of nine semi domed top stainless steel bollards, of which three were removable and four were fixed for a project at the National Theatre.

> November 2013 - HMS Raleigh

HMS Raleigh is the Royal Navy's largest training establishment in the South West with a main site covering 239 acres. HMS Raleigh are a returning customer of ours purchasing 3 bicycle PODS and then 2 Ruby Smoking Shelters.

> October 2013 - Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common Parish Council
Hurst Point

The Parish Council is the first tier of local government and represents the communities of Hurstpierpoint, Sayers Common, Goddards Green and the surrounding countryside in West Sussex. Shelter store was approached to provide 4 Brighton Seats to fit in with the idyllic countryside situated within the proximity of the parish council boundaries.



> September 2013 - Cirencester Kingshill School
Cirencester Kingshill School

Cirencester Kingshill School is a co-educational comprehensive school for 11 - 16 year olds, and as of August 2011 became an Academy. Shelter Stores brief was to supply enough bike racks to hold 80 bikes safely. From this brief we were able to secure the contract to provide Cirencester Kingshill School with two 30 Space BDS Bike Shelter’s and two 10 Space BDS Bike Shelter’s ensuring that pupils bikes stayed dry.



> August 2013 - Mansell

Mansell is the sister company to the global firm Balfour Beatty. They create places where people live, are cared for, work, learn, meet, travel, and have fun. Mansells latest projects are located at three different London schools,where Shelter store was approached to supply three varying sized canopies, ranging in length from 19 metres to 120 metres. These canopies needed to be completed to a particular time frame to fit in with the school holidays and had to accommodate a specific specification. To deliver this a series of site visits were carried out working closely with the project leaders with numerous amounts of drawings to produce that ‘perfect’ canopy.


> July 2013 - Leamington FC

Leamington Football Club is the main football club in Whitnash, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England, currently playing in the Conference North. The club was founded in 1891 as Leamington, and became known as Leamington Town the following year. In 1937 they sold their ground to Coventry City and did not then re-form until 1944 when they became known as Lockheed Borg & Beck, as they became associated with a local works. Shelter Store have been asked to provide SS Sports Dugouts for the club.

> June 2013 - Balfour Beatty
Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty is an integrated infrastructure services group, with operations in 80 countries. Shelter Store were approached with a brief to supply a bespoke bus shelter for their project in Bath, ensuring the public had a pleasurable experience while waiting, with a designated exit and entrance to prevent congestion. Bath is a World Heritage City with strict construction rules so it was critical that the bus shelter didn’t ruin the aesthetics of a city which is famous for its picturesque landscape. The end result was a timber bus shelter with both an exit and entrance consisting of timber seating.

> May 2013 - Essex County Council
Essex County Council

Essex County Council provides a range of services relating to the environment in which we live. These include the aid of healthier lifestyle and promote recycling centres, the management of issues relating to better living, recently Shelter Store have been asked to improve and expand upon the bicycle parking facility at shenfield station, we have placed modern secure cycle shelters and removal of existing corroded racks with weather proof stands.

> April 2013 - Cheshire West and Chester
Cheshire West and Chester

We have recently completed Cheshire's Chester Bus Exchange refurbishment programme, originally Built in the early 1980s, the Bus Exchange is set to be modernised to provide a smarter, cleaner and safer environment for passengers. Some services will remain within the Bus Exchange while work progresses. Works included modern graphic and digital signage and timetables as well as lighting to make individuals feel a lot more comfortable

> March 2013 - Halton Borough Council
Halton Borough Council

Halton is a local government district in North West England, with borough status and administered by a unitary authority. It was created in 1974 as a district of Cheshire, in recent years the has been a lot of regeneration projects and Shelter has been asked to participate in where we are manufacturing bespoke anti vandal Bus Shelters which we are currently installing as well.

> February 2013 - Oxford City FC
Oxford City FC

Oxford City FC has been in existence for at least 128 years, foundation date of 1882 we have been working on a long project to work on some sports facilities and have currently been awarded to supply our SS Sports Dugout.

> January 2013 - Mansell Construction
Mansell Construction

A leading construction company they aim to be the UK's first choice construction partner for delivery of services to the community, focusing on constructing sustainable communities - places where people live, work, learn, meet, travel, have fun and are cared for. These are a lot of principals shared with Shelter Store and have been approached to provide anti ram bollards.

> December 2012 - Keele University
Keele University

Keele University is renowned for its exciting approach to higher education, beautiful campus, strong community spirit and excellent student life. It was the first new United Kingdom university of the 20th century, established with degree giving powers in 1949 as the University College of North Staffordshire. Shelter Store has been awarded the role of up keeping Keeles external furniture to reflect the schools standards of excellence. We have worked from the ground up by delivering two of our prestigious bus shelters with advertising casing.

> November 2012 - Holiday Inn
Key Lock Parking Post
Willmott Dixon

Holiday Inn offers business and family-friendly hotel accommodations and services at an excellent value. The refresh of their hotels globally initiated significant changes, both inside and out. Recently Holiday are looking for innovating and cost effective solution for their parking, we have suggested our SS Key Lock Parking Post which fits perfectly with their need.

View the SS Key Lock Parking Post

> October 2012 - Willmott Dixon
Two-Tier Bike Rack
Willmott Dixon

This month we started a new project with Willmott Dixon, one of the UK’s largest privately-owned capital works, regeneration and support service companies. They had a bike parking problem, and they required us to come up the most suitable and efficient solution to their problem.

They required a solution that could accommodate over 200 bikes without taking up a lot of space, because the bikes will be parked along with cars in a car park, in a new apartment development in Woolwich. They also wanted a very easy and secure parking system that would be superb, sufficient and suitable in terms of design and usability.

The Shelter Store team resolved Willmott Dixon’s with the Two-Tier Bike Rack as the solution. The Two Tier Rack is a pioneering and user friendly cycle parking system, it has excellent space saving, superb usability and high value. It can park twice as many bikes in a space, compared to other bike parking solutions, making it the ideal solution for Willmott Dixon as they require a space conscious solution.

Willmott Dixon were very pleased and satisfied with the solution presented to them by the Shelter Store team. They order 240 Two-Tier Racks for their bike parking space to be installed to accommodate the residents in their new property development in Woolwich.

View our Two Tier Rack

> September 2012 - Kings International College
The Wardale Shelter
Kings International College

Kings International College for Business and the Arts is a small secondary school. It has around 600 children. The college is for students aged 11-16 years old in Camberley, Surrey.

The Kings International College believes, providing the right environment for work is crucial whether for business success or for creating a learning climate.  Recently they needed some outside shelter for their students and teachers, so they came to us for ideas and solutions.

We consulted with them making notes on their needs and requirements. We then suggested one of our new outside shelters as the solution, the Wardale Shelter; this is one of our newest shelters featuring an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary design. Adding benches not only provides comfort for its users but also completes the design and compliments it greatly.

The college ordered three Wardale Shelter with custom options to meet all their needs and requirements.  We are happy to say they were very pleased with their purchase, and that it suited all their needs and requirements.

View Our Sports Shelters

> August 2012 - Slough Town FC
Durham Sports Shelter
Slough Town FC

Slough Town F.C. is an English semi-professional football club. The club is a senior non-League football club representing Slough, England. The clubs is based in its excellent facilities at Farnham Park, Slough. The club needed new sports shelters for their sports ground.

Shelter Store got on the job straight away and the solution to their sports shelter problem was the Durham Sports Shelter. The design was perfect for Slough Town FC’s sports ground because the design is a simple and affordable method of providing cover and protection in all weather conditions for sports men and women. The nature of the design also enables the shelter to be erected and installed on any surface which is perfect given the number of different surfaces sport is played on or near.

Slough Town FC were delighted with the shelter solution we provided, they purchased two of the Durham Sports Shelters.

View Our Sports Shelters

> July 2012 - Norfolk County Council
Bus Shelter
Bowmer & Kirkland

Norfolk County Council offer advice and support for businesses for a lot of things for the public.

Norfolk County Council main aim is to keep our residents’ living safe, healthy and economically independent lifestyles. The only problem was there wasn’t a bus stop closes by for the staff or the customers to have a more pleasant journey to the council.

Shelter store resolved this problem by offering Norfolk County bus shelter with seats can be included and up to 6-9 people can wait safely with an unbeatable price

View Our Bus Shelters

> June 2012 - Bowmer & Kirkland
2 x Edinburgh Compounds
Bowmer & Kirkland

Bowmer & Kirkland a successful privately-owned construction, engineering and development groups. Bowmer & Kirkland construction service ranges from main contracting or partnering basis, to specialist sub-contracting covering most construction-related disciplines.

The company has been growing rapidly and it has come to a point were their clients/customers had nowhere to park their bikes safely, as these days it is an easier way of transport for a lot of people. Shelter store has provided the shelf shelter, which comes with the best all-round features to suit any environment. Mild steel shelter with bolt down fixing.

A great way to park in style with no extra hassle and safer option.

View our Bike Compounds

> May 2012 - St Michael's Primary School & Nursery
1 x 40 Space Enclosure & Installation
St Michael's Primary School

St Michael's Primary School & Nursery provides children with a balanced, exciting curriculum with an excellent education.

The school needed a much healthier and easier access for the staff when they come in to work, as they urgently required more space for the bikes.

This is when shelter store provided the school with a spacious extra security bike shelter, which holds up 40 bikes and can be locked safely on the way out.

View our Bike Shelters

> April 2012 - Ricardo UK Ltd
2 x Cantilever Shelters   8 x Sheffield Stands (Over ground & Fixings)

Ricardo UK Ltd is a global, world-class, multi-industry consultancy forengineering, technology, project innovation and strategy.

Ricardo group needed a bus stop outside their work place for and easy access for transport coming and going to work. Shelter store provided the company with a strong, durable, and affordable bus shelter.

View Our Cantilever Bike Shelter

> March 2012 - Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospital
4 x Lightweight Cycle Shelters & Installation
Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospital

Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospital – NHS, All the staff contributes to patient care, saving lives and curing the sick. The only problem was NHS didn’t have enough space for their staff to park their cycles safely.

Shelter store provided NHS with 4 spacious light weight shelters and installing it outside the hospital, for an easy access for staffs.

View our Cycle Shelters

> Feb 2012 - Beri (BDI)
2 x BDS Shelters 10 Space & Installation.

Beri (BDI) the organisation manages a number of on-going community initiatives Most of the work of the group is carried out by a team of hard-working volunteer’s .The organisation is keen to help anyone to develop projects that will benefit the surrounding of homes and communities.

BDI is there to help people do something for their community. BDI group needed to help the community by making more bike spaces, something cheap and cheerful, value for its money. Shelter store provided BDI with a durable price beat guaranteed BDS Shelter, which includes 5 toast racks without any extra cost. With an excellent price on installation!

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> Jan 2012 - Sewell Group
2x Wardale Smoking Shelter + 2x Benches
Sewell Group

Sewell Group works in highly collaborative, client-focused environment.  Their aim is to do Investment, Project Development, Construction, and Facilities Management.

Sewell Group is a multi-millionaire business providing the best for others. The only problem was there were too many clients and workers, but very few places to smoke since the ban!

The problem was solved through our company Shelter store; we provided the group with two of our best range of wardale smoking shelters, with benches.

View our Smoking Shelters

> Nov 2011 - Shelterstore Provides
MPW college with secure cycle parking facilities
MPV College

Street furniture specialist Shelter Store has supplied Mander Portman Woodward (MPW) College in Cambridge with two highly-secure BDS cycle shelters with a 20 space Toastrack cycle stand in each shelter.

The MPW premises is a few minutes' walk from the centre of Cambridge and will now benefit for robust, high quality cycle parking facilities, which the college hopes will encourage more staff and students to cycle.


> Nov 2011 - Birmingham Airport strengthens
winter defences with Shelter Store grit bins
MPV College

Street furniture specialist Shelter Store has provided Birmingham City Airport with 50 200 litre Premium Grit Bins. A bin has been allocated for each of the airport’s 50 concrete stands, and will be filled with a form of grit specifically designed for use at airports.

Shelter Store Premium grit bins are manufactured from durable, medium density and UV stabilised polyethylene. The grit bins also feature a hinged, water tight lid – which ensures that rain, or melting snow cannot infiltrate the grit bin, which can potentially ruin grit supplies.


> Mar 2011 - Tender Awarded
MPV College


Shelter Store was chosen as the prefered supplier to supply static and removable stainless steel bollards for Newcastle City Council.

> Feb 2011 - Tender Awarded
MPV College


Shelter Store was chosen as the prefered supplier to supply four large bespoke Bus Shelters for Devenish College in Northern Ireland.

> Feb 2011 - Tender Awarded
MPV College


Shelter Store was chosen as the prefered supplier to supply and install sports dugout shelters for Durham University for a new sports field.

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