Automatic Bollards

Automatic Bollards for all access control needs and applications:

We manufacture automatic bollards for commercial and domestic clients. Our bollards are built bespoke to your requirements from simple home security to large anti-ram installations for airports and government buildings.


We don’t have complicated product names and product codes. We simply categorise our bollards accordingly:

  • Domestic Applications – 127mm Diameters to 150mm Diameter Bollards
  • Commercial Applications – 160mm Diameter to 200mm Diameter Bollards
  • High Security Applications - >200mm Diameter Bollards

Choice of Bollard Finishes:

  • Hot Primed Galvanised
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel

Automatic Bollard Control Options:

  • Vehicle Detection
  • Remote Controls/Fobs
  • Swipe Cards and Pin entry
  • Intercom/Video Access

Wherever you need an automatic bollard for private entrances, car park access control or industrial security, we can manufacture the bollard for you. We can synchronise multiple bollards to operate together or to operate independently.

We typically manufacture and supply our bollards from 2-4 weeks, depending on the specification and quantity required. Contact us today to speak to one of our specialists.