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Armco Crash Barriers

Armco Crash Barrieris a system widely used for protecting people, property and machinery against damage from moving vehicles. The Armco Barrier can be used in various locations both internally and externally, for instance in car parks, warehouses, factories, service yards, loading bays and for perimeter protection. Its versatility allows it to be used as a single or multiple height barrier, with legs either bolted down or cast in to the ground. Armco barrier can also be adapted to carry an integral handrail for effective protection to pedestrians. Please contact us on 0800 612 7503 to discuss your requirements and we will prepare a detailed quote, including required number of rails, posts and end caps etc.

Product TypeGalvanisedPowder Coated
Barrier Rails
AR01 3200mm Effective Armco Barrier Rail £54.29 £90.00
AR02 3200mm Effective Armco Curved Barrier Rail £107.14 £142.86
Cast in Posts
AR008 1200mm Cast in RSJ Post £32.14 £45.71
AR009 1500mm Cast in RSJ Post £38.57 £54.29
AR010 1800mm Cast in RSJ Post £44.29 £62.86
AR014 1160mm Cast in 110mm x 50mm Z Post £24.29 £31.99
AR015 1200mm Cast in 125mm x 90mm Z Post £35.71 £44.29
Bolt Down Posts
AR003 560mm Bolt Down RSJ Post £40.00 £47.86
AR004 610mm Bolt Down RSJ Post £41.43 £50.00
AR005 760mm Bolt Down RSJ Post £45.71 £52.14
AR006 900mm Bolt Down RSJ Post £50.00 POA
AR007 1100mm Bolt Down RSJ Post £25.71 £62.86
AR011 560mm Bolt Down Z Post £25.71 £32.86
AR012 610mm Bolt Down Z Post £27.14 £34.29
AR013 760mm Bolt Down Z Post £28.57 £35.71
AR022 560mm Channel Leg £27.14 £34.29
AR021 760mm Channel Leg £31.43 £38.57
AR025 C57 Wall Bracket £27.86 POA
AR016 Fishtail End £27.14 £37.14
AR017 Pedestrain End £35.71 £42.86
AR018 Plastic End Cap - Long £14.28 N/a
AR019 Plastic End Cap - Short £10.71 N/a
AR020 90 Deg Internal Corner £45.71 £55.71
AR020/1 90 Deg Internal Corner - Flex £45.71 £55.71
AR020/2 45 Deg Internal Corner £55.71 £65.71
AR021 90 Deg Internal Corner £45.71 £55.71
AR021/1 90 Deg External Corner - Flex £45.71 £55.71
AR021/2 45 Deg External Corner £55.71 £65.71
AR022 Armco Barrier Reflector £10.00 N/a
AR023 Handrail Extension £14.28 £18.57
AR024 M16 x 150mm Throughbolt £1.86 N/a
AR025 M16 x 50mm Post Bolt £0.57 N/a
AR026 M16 x 35mm Lap Bolt £0.50 N/a
AR027 M20 x 150mm Throughbolt £2.36 N/a
AR030 M20 x 260mm Chemical Anchor £4.64 N/a
AR031 M16 x 190mm Chemical Anchor £4.07 N/a